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  1. Stan says:

    Hey, great site! I love the book.

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks! Glad you stopped by.

  3. michael kennedy says:

    hi i have few questions about dorms im doing a project on it:are taxes invovled?
    is there a down payment,what about utillity bills,insurance,what about loans for it,and how much does it cost/month/year.

  4. Andy says:

    Hi Michael!

    As far as I know most universities do not charge taxes on their dorm fees, nor down payments, utility bills, or insurance. Whatever fee they list is what they charge, often as part of your general bill (along with your tuition). So your electricity, water, etc. is included in that price.

    You can apply for a loan — from a bank or from the school — to cover the cost of tuition and housing.

    The cost to live in a dorm is generally given per semester (rather than per month or year) and really depends on the school… At a private university you may be looking at $2,500 – $3,500 per semester, depending on the dorm.

    Hope that information helps!

  5. jim says:

    Hi, Andy ~

    I tagged all your book tags at amazon. Would appreciate it if you could tag all my tags also.

    Many thanks,


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